The CONNETCT Platform (Intellectual Output 4)   for SYMPATIC Project is now up and running. The  platform aims at bringing together employers in a specific sector, tutors and young job seekers. The employers will be able to create their profile and announce their vacancies in a structured way enlisting the specific soft and hard skills required. Young job seekers will be able to create their profile and enlist  their soft and hard skills gained during  their mobilities and VET programs. The tutors will also be able to create their profile enlisting their specialization and making themselves available for online support to young seekers. The platform will   be able to make a match between job seekers and vacancies based on the skills required.

The CONNECT Platform was presented during the online meeting on the 22nd of September 2021 . A short guide on how to use the CONNECT Platform was also distributed to the partners.

In order to register, log in and use  the main function of the platform follow  the  steps:

  1. Type the project’s web page
  2. Click on CONNECT   Platform
  3. Click on Register to the top left of the page and click on Register. Add all your details(fields with an asterisk are mandatory) and then click on REGISTER.
  4. Click on Login. Type Username and Password and click on remember Me. Click on LOG IN
  5. In order to post your public profile Click on Post my Public Profile and select Post my Job Coach Profile. Add your details. All fields with an asterisk are mandatory. Click on SUBMIT. In the same way I can post as a Mentor or a Candidate.
  6. If you wish to search for some information you click on the Search Tab  and you select either Candidates, Job Coach, Mentor, Opportunity. Then Select  the Country from the scroll down list and then the Industry from the scroll down list and click on APPLY FILTER.
  7. If you wish to Post an Opportunity you can click on the Post an Opportunity tab  then you type , Short Title, Description, Select Type, County, Industry, Contact details(all these fields are mandatory) and you click on Submit.
  8. All members (Job coach, Mentor, Candidates) can like someone, send a friend request and communicate with each other via email.

If you want more information about the project please visit or contact us on

Stay  connected with Mentors, Job Coaches, Young people and Job Opportunities!!! Try the  CONNECT  Platform



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