The Mentor is a senior and experienced professional who plays a fundamental role in guaranteeing the educational effectiveness of Work-Based Learning (WBL) experiences, as he accompanies the young mentee throughout the whole training path, supervising the activities and supporting the integration within the company.

Traditionally, mentorship is seen as a one-directional relationship in which the mentor passes knowledge down to the mentee.

Nevertheless, the workforce is nowadays largely diversified and the labour market is fluid (millennials are estimated to change job every 18 months to 3 years, often changing industries completely)

These elements imply a widening of backgrounds, needs and objectives, put into question the traditional interpretation of mentoring dynamics.

For this reason, the European project SYMPATIC has developed a Kit for Mentors where mentees will not be presented as mere vessels that knowledge is poured into passively but, rather, as valuable human assets to attract and train in to order face the challenges of nowadays’ world of work.

In this sense, international mobility can be an essential element for the growth of the young people.

Specifically, in the mentor kit has been carried out an analysis of the context and international mobility, that can be used as a tool and catalyst for professional integration. Furthermore, the kit aims at delivering to mentors the basics soft skills development and mentoring schemes with the young people and the job coach, the person interacting regularly with the mentor, the tutor and the young person.

The Mentor Kit is translated into five languages ​​(English, Greek, German, French and Italian) and it is public and open access on the site of the European project SYMPATIC, co-financed by the Erasmus+ program. It can be found at the link: