Intellectual outputs

IO 1 – Occupational profile.

A detailed study about the labor reality and profiles needed (hard and soft skills) in the field of tourism. 

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 IO 2 – A Tutors’ kit:

A training and a manual for the tutors in the companies, before and after the mobility / VET so that they can monitor the young people and can support / facilitate the professional integration.

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I IO 3 – The mobility pack:

A training to become a job coach. It includes 3 main topics:

  • how to be a job coach (roles and missions and the 7 possible scenarios after a mobility or a VET
  • how to wisely use social media: promote a youth experience with social media and search for a job with the appropriate profile on the appropriate social media
  • how to evaluate the competences developed on a mobilityThe mobility pack is composed of a training content with learning objectives and outcomes as well as each of the 7 scenarios developed in the 4 countries.
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 IO 4 – An online platform:

  • The objective of the CONNECT platform is to connect the young people who participate in the project and the recruiters of the companies to encourage better communication between them and above all an appropriate matching.