European perspectives for youth guidance in training and work

 European perspectives for youth guidance in training and work

In times of change and confusion, a trustful relationship with experienced mentors is becoming a decisive factor for young people in their search for training, further education and jobs.

Technological change, the globalised division of labour and the pandemic are constantly creating new occupational profiles. These developments are confronting those who are seeking professional orientation with new challenges in the course of their professional biography. The answers and solutions are no longer found only on the local labour market. Willingness to be mobile is becoming a key competence!

In many EU countries, job coaches and tutors therefore play an increasingly important role in the vocational orientation of young people.

This becomes particularly clear when it comes to organising cross-border internships or volunteering projects.

  • What specific challenges do job coaches and tutors face when accompanying young people on an internship (or a volunteering project) abroad, in the preparation phase, during the stay in a company in the target country or during the follow-up phase?
  • What special competences does this work require on the part of the job coaches and tutors?
  • Which contents and formats for training are suitable to prepare job coaches and tutors for this complex task?

These and other questions are addressed by the strategic partnership SYMPATIC. Within the framework of SYMPATIC, six organisations and companies from France, Italy, Cyprus and Germany cooperate with many years of experience in the implementation of cross-border volunteering and vocational education and training projects.

To achieve its objectives, the SYMPATIC partnership focuses on

  • the development of a detailed study on the reality of work and the required profiles (hard and soft skills) using the example of the tourism sector,
  • the development and implementation of training modules for tutors and job coaches to accompany young people in international work placements and volunteering activities,
  • the development of a handbook to support tutors and job coaches in accompanying young people in cross-border volunteering and vocational education and training projects,
  • the creation of a pool of companies in the participating partner regions that are willing to host trainees and volunteers from other European countries,
  • the creation of a matching platform with the aim of linking the needs of young people with the needs of companies.

Especially now in times of the pandemic, many people are forced to reorientate themselves after a job loss and to further develop their professional biography. Against this background, the partnership focuses on the development of digital coaching services.

Coming soon in 2021: a training for tutors:

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