Partners’ Meeting 23rd September 2020

How can we make internships and apprenticeships more attractive to both employers and students? That’s our topic of discussion during our SYMPATIC online meeting on the 23rd of September!  Partners exchanged views on the materials developed  for Intellectual Output 2: Tutor’s Guide. The focus is on how to make the guide truly valuable for tutors making the mobilities attractive for employers and beneficial to participants.

Partners’ Zoom meeting

Partners met on Zoom to discuss the tutor’s kit content. The leading organization C.I.O.F.S. FORMAZIONE PROFESSIONALE presented the main objectives of the tutor’s kit followed by a discussion on the content, presentation format and allocation of work.

The partners will meet online again in September to review the progress of the development of the content and proceed with the next steps.

Kick off meeting in Marseille

The Kick off meeting was held in Marseille at the premises of Eurocircle, coordinator of the project on October 14th and 15th 2019.

Partners detailed step by step all the deliverables to produce and agreed on the first steps of the project to be aligned with the recommendations of the National Agency.

A first design of the platform was presented in order to ensure the sustainability of it and its use after the project ends.

Discussions on dissemination and quality control were also useful in order to meet the foreseen qualitative and quantitative indicators.

The next meeting will be in Rome at the premises of Ciofs-FP in May 18th and 19th 2020.